If all this makes you want to reconsider FaceApp, it’s not enough to delete the app itself to safeguard your pictures. You will need to ask to remove your FaceApp Data from the servers of FaceApp. FaceApp informed TechCham that consumers can use the “Report a bug” function within the app to request data deletion. This is what you have to do:

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FaceApp Data
  1. Go to the upper left corner settings in FaceApp, then go to Support.
  2. Click on “Bug reporting and send logs.”
  3. Ask for the deletion of your information and ensure that the term “privacy” is included in the request.

FaceApp has told TechCham that they are backlogged with such demands, so it may take some time to delete all your information.

You’re not alone if you didn’t know what kind of permissions you gave to FaceApp. According to a study conducted by Nixplay, an intelligent picture frame firm, 50% of individuals do not review what information an app can access when downloading it.

TechCham reached out to FaceApp to see how long it will take for user data to be deleted and what kind of backlog they have, but they still need a reaction.


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